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The tale of 2 socail security numbers continued - Landlord Forum thread 357780

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The tale of 2 socail security numbers continued by Deborah on June 18, 2018 @13:28

Hi everyone,

I locked my tenants into a month to month after finding out that one of their socials was bogus report and their credit was worse than I thought. I allowed them to stay because they pay on time every month and they are clean and quiet.

they also wanted changes such as snow plowing included so I upped the rent amount to cover these amenities as well as a tax increase that happened in town.

Their fridge started leaking so I replaced it out with my fridge which is newer same model make that they currently had and they tried to refuse it because it was not brand new. I explained to them they are getting the fridge either way bc I was not getting water on my floor if they forget to clean the bottom of the fridge.. either way I resolved the issue but when I was in their side of the duplex making the fridge change I found they had my electric bill opened.

They also opened another tenants mail in the building. I called the police to document what happened. I changed all my bills to PDFs to my email because I was horrified they opened my mail and horrified I was almost late paying.

I get the sense they held the bill on purpose b/c they were mad they did not get a new fridge... but have no way of proving this.

Is there a warning I can issue them if any of my mail ends up in their possession or opened by them again I will not be renewing their month to month?

I want to be stern on this issue as it is the second offense on them.

They also are chronic complainers as the reality company I fired who used to be the property manager seems like to stir the pot.

Or do I just give them notice and try again? It would be a lot of work and energy but My boyfriend who lives me is plum sick of our tenants in the duplex ....

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Re: The tale of 2 socail security numbers continued by Garry (Iowa) on June 19, 2018 @00:22 [ Reply ]
Your tenants are now on a M2M lease, and you have changed the way you get your mail. That's all you can do for now. You said they pay on time, and are clean and quiet. That's good. That's what all LLs want. You got them another refrig, so you took care of that problem. For now, just let them alone, and let them stay there. When the next complaint come in, decide if it's valid, and go from there. If you get several complaints that you deem to be frivolous, then you can always give them a 30 day notice to move. Just remember, you will NEVER find a "perfect" tenant, just as tenants will never find the "perfect" LL. It's as you said, it will be a lot of work and energy to find another T. Only you and your BF can make the decision as to when your Ts "shelf life" is up.
Re: The tale of 2 socail security numbers continued by lamac66 (ga) on June 19, 2018 @07:35 [ Reply ]
Depends on your situation and your mentality. Do you feel you can not get a better tenant and have to settle for dumb sh!t or are you a no nonsense person that just dont deal with dumb sh!t?

Opening others people mail is a federal offense. I would have gotten rid of them after that with all this fraud going on...btw which you have said they committed in the screening process...

I know what I would do. At this rate you can see there will be more issues to
Re: The tale of 2 socail security numbers continued by LL (CA) on June 19, 2018 @15:39 [ Reply ]
As soon as I had a bogus ssn from them they would have been history. Mail theft is a major concern. If they received and opened your mail by accident it should have been brought to you immediately. Absolutely no excuses for holding on to the mail, none whatsoever.

So think this over. Fraud and mail theft. Hmmmmm, is this behavior you want to encourage in tenants?

Give them whatever notice is required in your state and get them out. As for paying on time, that's how it starts. Then the complaints, then the reasons to withhold rent.

Eviction is a lot more work (and money) than getting them out now.

Check to see if your state requires a reason for ending a m-to-m lease, if not, I would suggest you proceed, if it does, see if theft and fraud are good enough reasons to end tenancy.

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