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Credit Checks - Landlord Forum thread 357801

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Credit Checks by DAve (Ohio) on June 20, 2018 @08:59

I have a signed application and am about to do a credit check on an applicant. I find some of these agencies not particularly user friendly. I have to jump through ten hoops to get to the checking part.

Who can recommend a good agency to go to online to get the credit check done? What agencies are user friendly? Because some don't seem to be. I want to do it right away without all this red tape. I have the authority from the applicant.
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Re: Credit Checks by Lacey on June 20, 2018 @14:39 [ Reply ]
I use Quick Check (Part of LPA)
I've tried others... they all make you prove who you are and show proof of rental property. Once you are set up it is easy.

You could always do the TransUnion smartmove, but I find that is not as prfessional when you have to depend on the tenants to create an account for you to be able to check their credit. They said, "Why can't you check our credit? We signed the application. Why do we have to jump thru hoops?"
Re: Credit Checks by P-Bone (NY and OH) on June 21, 2018 @11:48 [ Reply ]
Go through the long process to get approved once and then just keep up with whatever policies they have. I signed up long before they started all the verifications and still hold an account with a company that I can't recommend because The LPA partners with specific companies and it will get removed anyways. But I get full credit reports, keep them electronically on the site itself, don't print them out and I have never had a problem in 10+ years.
Re: Credit Checks by Anonymous on June 21, 2018 @14:13 [ Reply ]

For some reason landlords assume that a 1st time credit check can be done immediately. Who knows who sets this expectation? I have been using a company for over ten years and had to prove my identity and the ownership of my rentals even back then. Like all the posters here say, once you have it set up, which takes several days, you always have it ready. Credit reports are then instant.
Re: Credit Checks by LL (CA) on June 22, 2018 @13:00 [ Reply ]
I've been using a company for years that used to be recommended by The LPA. Not sure if it still is.

After the initial set up all I need to do is to do the yearly FCRA test and I'm good to go.

It fits my needs, customer service is friendly and the rates are reasonable.

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