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Floor Cosmetics ideas needed - Landlord Forum thread 357803

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Floor Cosmetics ideas needed by jannie (IL) on June 20, 2018 @14:04

My rental isn't moving - the last qualified applicant looked at the bathroom floor with her father (father said cover floor with some rugs), but the applicant later rejected the rental. The vinyl tile is dated & where previous reglued probably yeards ago (turned brown (not dirt) the floor is clean.
I don't want to rip up the entire vinyl - as that will be a major undertaking in time. ideas?
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Re: Floor Cosmetics ideas needed by Garry (Iowa) on June 20, 2018 @21:41 [ Reply ]
Jannie, you have been a landlord long enough, to at least hazard a guess as to why your rental isn't moving. Your price could be too high for your market, or, as you said, your place may need some updating. If you are getting showings, but no bites/applications, try doing "some" updating, and lowering your rent just a little. ALL landlords go thru streaks like this from time to time. Your choice is to do "nothing", and just wait for the right prospect to come along, OR do "something"---(clean, update, lower rents ) while you are STILL waiting for the right T to come along.
Re: Floor Cosmetics ideas needed by P-Bone (NY and OH) on June 21, 2018 @11:45 [ Reply ]
I'm not a fan of the idea, because if I'm going to redo a bathroom floor I general lay tile, but the stick tiles have gotten thicker and of higher quality, if you make accurate cuts, it might be a cheap effective update.
Re: Floor Cosmetics ideas needed by Anonymous on June 24, 2018 @19:11 [ Reply ]
Keep it as is. They're just going to tear it up anyways. You'll get somebody that will find it acceptable
Re: Floor Cosmetics ideas needed by Dave on June 25, 2018 @05:49 [ Reply ]
Bathrooms are small. Builder grade tile is cheap and when properly installed on a stable, properly prepped floor will stand up and be maintainance free , idiot proof and look great for thirty years,.....way long after styles and taste have changed. Sheet vynal is a cheaper do it yourself version,....but actually can require more prep work if floor is in bad shape and wil not stand up the way tile does.

I favor tile

Tile also gives you the option of going up the walls which makes the room pop and raises the appeal of the unit in general..

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