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Lease agreement - Landlord Forum thread 357806

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Lease agreement by Wzb (California) on June 20, 2018 @19:52

I have a bit of a situation. I had lots of tenants drama/fights over the last few months and bottom line is i will issue a notice of non renewal in a few days to everyone. Their lease is set to end in August. While i had the confirmathat 3 out of 4 is definitely leaving, the remaining tenant told me that he will probably move without a firm yes. I have told him that i wont renew anyway, which he hasnt responded to.

To make things a bit more interesting , one tenant wants to leave before the lease ends and is finding a replacement. However, the replacement is interested in a one year lease after taking over the remaining portion of the current lease (2 months left).

My question is since i want everyone on my current lease to move out, can i have the replacement move in anyway and only sign him for the new lease before the others move out?
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Re: Lease agreement by Garry (Iowa) on June 20, 2018 @21:10 [ Reply ]
NO! Do not under any circumstances let another T move in right now. If you are wanting everyone to move out, then you are not hurting for money. You need to clean house, and start over again, with Ts that YOU choose. Just issue your notice of non-renewal to everyone, and if anyone chooses to move out early, That's up to them. You will still expect July's and August's rent to be paid on time. It doesn't matter what anyone says at this point. Talk is cheap. Remember, each of them has to have a place to GO, before they can LEAVE your place. YOU just follow your state's LL/T laws to the TEE. Besides, if there is a lot of drama/fights at your property now, you have NO IDEA how much damage they may leave you. And you still may find that you may need to evict someone, either for not paying rent, or for holding over past Aug. Do not complicate an already complicated situation, by bring in a 5th person into the mix.

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