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Too many vehicles - Landlord Forum thread 357825

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Too many vehicles by Anonymous on June 21, 2018 @21:36

Tenants saw the property, qualified and rented. Then they bring a boat, 2 trucks and a work truck. Not my problem I figure. There is street parking. I told them I would allow them to, at their expense and sweat, to make the single backyard gate into a double so they could pull their boat (it's not that big) into the back yard. They demurred, citing "so much work."
So boat and 1 truck in drive, 1 truck on street, and the other truck on the dirt patch next to the drive.
Now I've had an notice of violation from the city about the truck on the dirt. Dust is claimed. The truck owner, my tenant, got an N.O.V. as well, as the licensed owner.
I've spoken with them and they know that truck has to be moved. Other than that, have I any responsibility?
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Re: Too many vehicles by Garry (Iowa) on June 22, 2018 @00:13 [ Reply ]
Most cities throughout the country have ordinances that say all wheeled vehicles must be on a hard-surfaced area. So that means either concrete or blacktop. A few cities will allow gravel. Once you received the notice from your city, you as the owner of the rental property, are now responsible to bring your place into compliance. You have control over your tenant, thru your lease. The city does not. The city has control over you, because you own the property. If you do not bring your property into compliance, the city can take you to court, and fine you, and possibly even order you to vacate the property till you get into compliance.

Talk to your tenants and be sure they get and keep all their trucks, cars, boats, or campers, OFF the dirt and grass by this weekend. Remember, if the city just drives by at any time, this year, over the winter, or next year, you could be immediately fined if there is a vehicle on that dirt. And if vehicles are parked on the street, many cities say you must move them every 2-4 days, or they could be considered as inoperable, or as "street storage" which is usually illegal, too. (so don't have them park the boat on the street)

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