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A group of roommates want to apply for a house. - Landlord Forum thread 357888

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A group of roommates want to apply for a house. by Anonymous (Ohio) on June 26, 2018 @22:22

I have run into this situation many times in when I have a large house for rent. I get a group of adults who want to apply.

I'm fine with 2 non related adults. But 2 couples or 4 roommates is not a risk I want to take.

In the past I have just point blank said no. I am not running a boarding house..

Does anyone have a policy that can address this? If you were to accept this situation how much extra deposit or additional rent could compensate for the risk?

I am not worried about collecting the rent, for that I have a process that is a well oiled machine:) My biggest concern is the state of house that would be returned to me at the end or being left with a ton of crap or mess because a $1400 deposit between 4 people probably does not provide much of a carrot. Additionally, I just can't see a multiple roommate situation being a long term situation.
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Re: A group of roommates want to apply for a house. by Katiekate (New York) on June 27, 2018 @01:35 [ Reply ]
I rent to groups of students all the time.

Now, I have maybe a different situation...because I require the parents to ALL be in the lease too.

So, this is the lease conditions I use...
I require monthly damage inspections. I require all damage to be repaired immediately and costs paid in the next billing cycle. All repairs are added to the next month rent.

Yes, I still have a damage deposit...but that is mostly to be sure the place is damage free and clean at the end of lease.

In my case, the parents really keep a lid on the kids. You will have to make sure to do those damage inspections routinely.

What I found was that over time, one roommate moves out, the others work it out between them but stay and seek a new roommate for replacement...keeping in mind that any new roommate must meet all my screening criteria.

I have not had a case of damage beyond wear and tear at the end of the lease. I have a "legacy" house that has not be vacant in years...but not one of the original kids is still there.
Re: A group of roommates want to apply for a house. by Brad on June 28, 2018 @00:31 [ Reply ]
Remember familial status is a protected class. This means you cannot discriminate based on the makeup of a household.
I wouldn't give a blanket "no" to this situation.
I have a rental right by a college. And , I had the same concerns about renting to students as you do. I actually called HUD for advice and was told this would be discriminattion.
Re: A group of roommates want to apply for a house. by K (FL) on June 29, 2018 @16:34 [ Reply ]
Zoning in my town specifically doesn't allow it because they don't want student party houses in neighborhoods. Maybe your town has something similar?
Re: A group of roommates want to apply for a house. by on July 10, 2018 @02:08 [ Reply ]
If your not comfortable with renting to roommates, it is your property and you have the right to not rent the property to them. I would tell them "no thank you" as well. Your other option is to not rent to two couples unless both couples have 3.5 times the rental amount in solid, verifiable income. By solid, I mean jobs they have had for at least two years. As well as a verifiable rental history....and double the 1400 amount for a security deposit.

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