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Tenant damaged apartment - Landlord Forum thread 357975

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Tenant damaged apartment by Conni on June 29, 2018 @17:48

Looking for some direction on what to do here...

Tenant broke lease and had cats and dogs,.. yes cats AND dogs.. multiple of each in the apartment which is the top of a 2 fam house.

Doors are scratched up, linoleum floor is ruined and urine smell all over not to mention 1 year old carpet is shot. What is my next step(s)? Please.
Thank you
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Re: Tenant damaged apartment by altagracia on June 29, 2018 @18:16 [ Reply ]
hi, did you and your tenant signed a lease indicating NOT PET allowed in the premise?
Re: Tenant damaged apartment by L. on June 29, 2018 @18:28 [ Reply ]
What state are in you?
Re: Tenant damaged apartment by Garry on June 29, 2018 @20:12 [ Reply ]
Since you said your T "had" cats and dogs, as opposed to "have", I assume you meant your Ts are gone, and you now have possession back. If they are gone, change the locks, and take pics of all the damages they left you. Take a witness with you when you do that-----one who could also testify in court if need be. Then start repairing/replacing/cleaning anything damaged. Keep track of the costs, and charge their security deposit for those costs. Be sure that you put out your sec. dep. statement letter within 30 days of them being out. Send it both certified and regular mail to their new address, if they have given you one, or to their last known address, which would be your rental address. It's very likely they will end up owing you more than their sec. dep. amount. In your letter, tell them you want the amount they still owe you, within 30 days, or you will be taking them to court.
Re: Tenant damaged apartment by Frank on July 1, 2018 @10:55 [ Reply ]
Well if this is in violation of a NO PETS clause in your lease, their security deposit is at stake for the amount of repairs and replacing of your flooring and carpeting + cleaning.
If there is not enough deposit to cover everything, you may want to consider small claims court. Depends on what it all amounts to.

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