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rental applications by Frank on July 1, 2018 @10:11

I have a few questions about doing the rental applications....

How many pages is too much?
Do you ask for tax w2s at this point?
How long should you wait to get a completed app back?
Do you charge an application fee?
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Re: rental applications by Jack on July 1, 2018 @11:57 [ Reply ]
I know some management companies and other landlords use long applications many pages long.
I just use the simple LPA Streamlined version of the LPA application. It is only on 1 letter size page and asks for the most important items needed to do a good screening.

No I don't need to see W2s at this point.

If they don't get it back fast, them maybe they are not motivated enough? Tell them to return it quick or it may be rented to someone else!

Yes. $35. nonrefundable application fee per adult on the lease. That helps focus on the serious ones.

Re: rental applications by Nichole on July 1, 2018 @13:10 [ Reply ]
$45 application fee per adult.

I wouldn't require proof of income until the application is verbally accepted (pending verification).

You can ask as many questions as you need to verify the applicant has passed your written criteria.

There's no standard time in getting an application back. But if they're slow to fill out paperwork, that may be an indication of a lazy tenant which can lead to problems down the road. Or they're just looking at multiple places.
Re: rental applications by AnonymousFL on July 2, 2018 @14:05 [ Reply ]
Our app is three pages, single sided: two pages to gather information and one authorization page with the signature.

We don't ask for any tax info unless income cannot be verified.

Don't wait for applications to come back. The unit is not held even when the application is submitted and the fee paid. They are only considered 'first in line' unless they submit earnest money. If they do that, the unit is considered held until the app is denied or the lease is signed (within 10 days).

$20.00 per adult because that's all we can charge. It costs us $35.00 for the credit/background check. If we could charge the full $35.00, we would. We also make sure to prequalify over the phone or when apps are handed out.
Re: rental applications by Chele on July 3, 2018 @19:00 [ Reply ]
The local rental code governs what we can charge for an application.
My rental is in a high-cost, competitive area, so tenants elect to provide material beyond the application: pay stubs, letters from supervisors, free credit reports that they have run, bank statements, etc.
One tenant's employer used a service for employment verification and that service charged a fee, which neither the tenant nor I wanted to pay!
EACH employment verification is $38.95
each employment and salary verification is $45.95
Re: rental applications by Lacey on July 3, 2018 @23:49 [ Reply ]
I just began charging a screening fee for credit reports and it has really helped so much!
Re: rental applications by LAMAC66 on July 9, 2018 @08:51 [ Reply ]
How many pages is too much? mine is 1 page

Do you ask for tax w2s at this point? usually for self employed, or if i need further verification of income.

How long should you wait to get a completed app back? I dont wait. I only process totally completed applications and everything hinges on how quickly I can get info verified.

Do you charge an application fee? $50 non-refundable application fee.

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