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humidity - Landlord Forum thread 358046

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humidity by Carol on July 1, 2018 @16:43

On of my tenants is having moisture issues due to humidity. Is it my responsibility to provide them with a dehumiditifer? Thank you
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Re: humidity by Montgomery on July 1, 2018 @19:15 [ Reply ]
No I don't believe it is, but you can be sure they will be calling you to complain about mold if nothing is done about it.

Are you talking basement or in general in the home?

It may be worth considering.

I supplied tenants with a dehumidifier because the basement was too damp and the cheapskates wouldn't use it because they didn't want to pay a higher electric bill!
Re: humidity by Lacey on July 1, 2018 @21:25 [ Reply ]
But you should have used a Mold Addendum.
Check the Essential Forms for it. ---->
I now use it for every lease.
Re: humidity by Garry on July 1, 2018 @22:30 [ Reply ]
Whereas it may not be your responsibility to provide a dehumidifier, you definitely should consider it. TOO much humidity in a house or apartment, as others have said, can create mold problems, that the T will complain about, and you will have to deal with. It can also create sticking/swelling doors and windows, which then becomes a safety problem, if a fire happens, and people can't get out of certain windows or doors because of the sticking/swelling.

What you might consider, if the problem is on the main floor of your unit, is buying your Ts a large window air conditioner for the living room. That way, it takes the humidity out, and keeps the Ts cool at the same time. They will love you for it. Then, at lease renewal time, raise the rent by $20/mo, to pay for the air cond.
Re: humidity by Nichole on July 2, 2018 @11:44 [ Reply ]
You don't "have to" do anything. But (a)is it in the best interest of your property and (b)is it going to maintain a healthy relationship with your tenant?

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