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Running Annual Credit Check - Landlord Forum thread 358054

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Running Annual Credit Check by Daniel (CA) on July 2, 2018 @13:27

Can a landlord run a credit check annually based on the original consent at the application?

Banks and credit card companies do this all the time...
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Re: Running Annual Credit Check by AnonymousFL on July 2, 2018 @14:10 [ Reply ]
I don't think so. The purpose of the application is to qualify the tenant for the rental of the unit.

You would probably have to put language in the lease to allow you to rerun it. I think that most tenants would look poorly on it though.

This is a rather specific question, so it would probably be best to check with a lawyer on this one.
Re: Running Annual Credit Check by Nichole on July 2, 2018 @15:09 [ Reply ]
I do it all the time to tenants that have left owing money. Nobody will call you out on it.
Re: Running Annual Credit Check by Lacey on July 3, 2018 @23:47 [ Reply ]
I haven't done that yet, but I recently learned that it is allowed if you have written permission.
Re: Running Annual Credit Check by Fiona on July 4, 2018 @16:22 [ Reply ]
I think that falls outside of the FCRA. Everytime you run a check it is a hard hit on your tenants' credit report.

If I was a tenant I would want to know why you would run an annual check on me especially if I was a good tenant.
Re: Running Annual Credit Check by LAMAC66 on July 9, 2018 @08:42 [ Reply ]
Yes if the agreement is signed to that effect.
Re: Running Annual Credit Check by lpadave on July 21, 2018 @19:32 [ Reply ]
running interim credit reports should be done with the utmost caution and need to know,...and well documented in your files as to why you did another inquiry.

my initial credit release authorization for applicants is a ''good till revoked / cancelled in writing''

my leases also state on signature page that LL is authorized to verify and update credit as necessary during the ongoing conduct of business with tenant.

that being said,....I don't re-run credit on a scheduled basis or arbitrairly, unless I see the existing tenant going seriously bad. Frankly,....if I'm getting my money in full, on time and my tenant isn't a PITA,....I'm a happy guy and couldn't care about the rest of the tenant's life.

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