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AC temperature setting - Landlord Forum thread 358062

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AC temperature setting by Sunny on July 2, 2018 @19:55

We are in FL, and it is hot 89F-100's. My tenant said she likes to set the thermostat at 72F, and she is saying my AC unit can only reach 75; therefore, it's not properly according to her.
I already called an AC guy and waiting for him to respond. But 75F is very good; I don't even set it that low for my self. Any of you have experienced anything like this? And how would you respond to this situation if that's the lowest your AC can reach?
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Re: AC temperature setting by Garry on July 2, 2018 @20:54 [ Reply ]
Have your AC guy come out 1 time only, to check it out. Have him repair anything that needs repairing, including adding Freon if need be. Once it's working properly, tell your T that, and let it go. If she wants it colder, tell her to buy her own window unit, to get it to where she wants it. Remember, every AC unit in this country, is working to fight against Mother Nature. If it's above 95 outside, with high humidity, and the Sun is beating down all day on a little house on this planet, it's actually 120-150 on that roof. Unless you have at least a foot of insulation in the attic or rafters, and 6 inches insulation in the sidewalls, whatever size AC you have, will have a hard time fighting Mother Nature.

To see if what I am saying is correct, ask her to do an experiment. On a day that the high is predicted to be 80 or less, have her set her AC temp to 66-68, and let it run all day, to see how low it will get. If it gets below 70, the AC is working fine.

The other thing people don't think about, is it's not about where the temp is set at, or what it reads. It's about how a person FEELS inside, as opposed to outside. If it's 100 outside and high humidity, 80 inside with lower humidity, is going to FEEL GREAT.
Re: AC temperature setting by Nichole on July 2, 2018 @22:36 [ Reply ]
If the AC can't achieve 72, then it isn't working properly. You most likely don't have sufficient insulation. They're paying rent and are paying to have working AC
Re: AC temperature setting by Chele on July 3, 2018 @18:21 [ Reply ]
A landlord once told me that I should only expect thirty degrees of cooling compared to the outside. The first thing to check is that the air filter is clean. Another easy thing to add is a portable dehumidifier. Just a little bit more effort, and you can put in a ceiling fan--which helps still the air from floor vents.

These guys say that if your A/C does superb on the hottest days, then that system is actually too powerful (and expensive) for all the average days. This would mean that the hottest days need help beyond using the A/C (no cooking, using clothes dryer, closing closets, etc.)

This discussion has some checklists, and a diagnostic that I assume your HVAC guys can check: There is a point where it gets so hot outside that air conditioners simply can't do anything to get rid of the heat (the outdoor coil temp equals the outdoor air temp) (Most A/C units will have specs on this. You can try looking up some specs for it online.)

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