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Security deposit - Landlord Forum thread 358088

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Security deposit by Louise on July 3, 2018 @23:42

I have three girls living together. One is moving out, and the other two are staying. The two that are staying have found a new girl they want to move in. How do I handle giving the girl that is moving out her security deposit back since I cannot really "investigate" any damages b/c two of the girls are staying?
Thank you.
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Re: Security deposit by L. on July 3, 2018 @23:51 [ Reply ]
Don't do anything with the deposit until the apartment is vacant. Let them work it out.
Re: Security deposit by Nichole on July 4, 2018 @14:14 [ Reply ]
They should all be fully responsible for the lease so I would not get involved with the security until the rental is returned.
I think you should also require that any replacement for one of the girls go through you application and screening process. Good luck!
Re: Security deposit by Chele on July 6, 2018 @19:52 [ Reply ]
I send the security deposit refund check (minus expenses) to the original group of tenants at the home address with "Forward" written on it. Maybe it's time to write a new lease. You need to check the identification and references for each person living in the house.

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