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Pro rate? - Landlord Forum thread 358105

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Pro rate? by Jim on July 4, 2018 @14:20

Our tenants moved out early last month and the expect 8 days refunded to them out of the rent.
I told her that's not the way it works.
They have no claim, right?
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Re: Pro rate? by Robert on July 4, 2018 @14:41 [ Reply ]
Depends on your state's laws. Some laws require it be pro-rated (Oregon), some do not (Kentucky)
Re: Pro rate? by Robert on July 4, 2018 @14:42 [ Reply ]
*Some states' laws
Re: Pro rate? by Garry on July 4, 2018 @15:42 [ Reply ]
You are correct. Your Ts had a monthly rent of xxxx. It was for the WHOLE month, whether that was for 28, 29, 30 or 31 days. It was THEIR choice to move out early, not yours. If they thought they might move out early, they should have negotiated that with you BEFORE the last time they paid rent. And you STILL could have said no. Besides, you didn't say, but was there any damages or cleaning they left for you, that will be coming out of their deposit? You should probably try to get that sec.dep. statement out to them, by certified mail, by the 20th of July if possible.
Re: Pro rate? by Chele on July 6, 2018 @20:18 [ Reply ]
In California, I take 8/30 of the monthly rent (regardless of the length of the month) and that is the refund so long as there was 30 days notice. It's great that the tenants paid the last month's rent!! The penalty for not properly returning funds is so high that it is not worthwhile to consider otherwise.
Re: Pro rate? by teri on July 18, 2018 @22:12 [ Reply ]
This depends on what state. You need to find out if your state is term or literal. Most states are term, meaning when you rent, you rent from this day to the same day the following month.
Did they give you proper notice(usually 30 days)? Again, this depends on the rental laws of the state where the rental is located.
Sounds like they have no claim.

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