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Pet Policy by Anonymous on July 4, 2018 @22:44

I have been trying to go no pets on a vacancy but its been a month and the unit is still vacant. I want to get the unit rented as soon as possible. So if I go with pets which ones are the least worst? Would it be a dog under 20 pounds? Or a cat that has been neutered and declawed? Or either one?
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Re: Pet Policy by L. on July 5, 2018 @12:43 [ Reply ]
If you're having trouble finding tenants, it might be a good time to reevaluate your rental. Is it clean? In good condition? Nice appliances? Good location? Priced right? It may not be your no pets policy at all.
Re: Pet Policy by Chele on July 6, 2018 @20:01 [ Reply ]
If you advertise that you have a fenced yard, you will end up with applicants who have pets. I made my place resistant to pet damage by having tile floors. Your homeowner's insurance might have something to say about having tenants with pets, so be prepared to require renter's insurance before signing a lease. Why not include a provision in the lease that requires the tenant to submit a copy of their pet license and/or immunizations?
Re: Pet Policy by Jason on July 21, 2018 @22:14 [ Reply ]
I've had good experiences with pets (knock on wood). I make them sign another addendum regarding just the pets and I also charge $50/mo per dog and $25/mo per cat.

I used to say HELL NO to any pets, but renting to people that have pets is an easy way to find tenants.

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