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Fun Tenant - Not Really - Landlord Forum thread 358131

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Fun Tenant - Not Really by John N on July 6, 2018 @15:12

LPA member Cerise shares with us her unusual experience with a utility thief tenant. Incredible!

So now the electric meter has been stolen. That and the door to the meter box. So we've had to order a meter box and have to wait until we've replaced the door, then let the utility company know to come back out to turn the power on. I found an article on meter theft and this is from that article.

"Why would someone steal a meter?

WFTV in Florida recently aired a report about stolen electric meters in their community. The question was raised, “Why would someone steal an electric meter?” Thieves stole a meter and then plugged the stolen meter into their residence and used electricity as usual. At the end of the month they would remove the stolen meter and plug their original meter back in. When the meter reader stopped by, the meter showed only a small amount of electricity had been used because their old meter was unplugged for the month and not recording any electricity being used."

Monday, July 2, 2018
I found out today that she also bootlegged water and internet. She connected internet into underground cables, in the lawn, I have pictures. We learned that the city water was shut off for non-payment in October 2017, but they don't check (!?!?!?!?!) after they turn the water off, so she just turned it back on again. My husband found the water actually on as of today. So she's been stealing from all the available utilities. Fortunately, we are not responsible for her bills, but we have to verify who we are before the gas and electric companies will provide service to the house again.


Sunday, July 1, 2018
Anyway, I just ended tenancy with a problem tenant who had her way with my house and the utility companies.

The reason I'm writing is to share with you what she did with utilities. She started services in her ex's name, then didn't pay them. They shut off the electricity. She bootlegged/pirated power. They removed the meter. She paid the bill and power was restored, but she had her power turned off periodically for non-pay. She did the same thing with the gas company, which called it "fraud". They had to remove the meter, too. Now she's out and I cannot get either turned on in my name due to her history. Well, hell, I don't blame them. I'll have to talk to them this coming week to see what can be done. But I think that line 6 UTILITIES should be changed to reflect that situation. There's always one more story to tell. I've changed mine to say this:

UTILITIES Tenant shall be responsible to start, maintain and pay for all utilities and services for the entire premises.
I couldn't think of a better word than "maintain" to use that would require them to keep their utilities on. Can you?

Guess what business she is in. Apartment management.

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Re: Fun Tenant - Not Really by Jim on July 6, 2018 @19:05 [ Reply ]
I once had a tenant who filled his pool with the neighbors hose while the neighbors were away!

Re: Fun Tenant - Not Really by Chele on July 6, 2018 @20:14 [ Reply ]
Tenant shall be responsible throughout the tenancy for maintaining an account in good standing for each of these utility services (...) If a utility company deems an account not in good standing, ...
Re: Fun Tenant - Not Really by CSB on July 12, 2018 @20:35 [ Reply ]
Again, Cool story bro!

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