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Central Air Conditioner - Landlord Forum thread 358161

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Central Air Conditioner by June on July 12, 2018 @14:20

Temperature outdoors was about 100 degrees for weeks. Tenants out of town for 2-3 weeks, shut off the a/c to save $$$ on electric bill!!! House became very hot inside, well over 100 degrees. Tenants come home. Want a fast cool. Turn thermostat to 69 degrees and when not cooling fast enough, keep changing the temperature setting. A/C cannot keep up with the demand and freezes up, stops running. Tenants turn it off.

Residents call to landlord to get A/C fixed as not cooling, just blowing. Tech comes out, nothing wrong with A/C, furnace, blower, filters, Breaker in Panel etc. A/C was down on lb. Freon which normally holds 6 to 7 lbs Freon. Told residents to set and forget it and not fiddle with the temp control. Should not set temp. control lower than 20 degrees lower than exterior temp. Residents say they like it 69 degrees in house, year round, winter and summer.

Landlord Paid the A/C Tech $247.00 for trip, hourly fee and lb.Freon for which the tech charged for minimum 1 lb. freon.

Who should be responsible for the billing? Tenant or Landlord. What on earth does running the daylights out of the central A/C do to the Central Air Conditioner????? It seems it would damage the unit big time.
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Re: Central Air Conditioner by CSB on July 12, 2018 @19:49 [ Reply ]
Re: Central Air Conditioner by June on July 12, 2018 @20:38 [ Reply ]
Hey you Colleagues!
I am a fellow LL, not some nut or troll. Above is 100% true.
In addition, the wife just had a baby. 69 degrees is odd.
Some PITA's make a lot of problems, some imagine the LL should jump thru their hoops, some break things. These peeps cause a lot of excess expenses. Have a good one, All of You LL's out there. It's not easy being a LL. Thanks for any good feed back.
Re: Central Air Conditioner by Fred on July 13, 2018 @13:03 [ Reply ]
What does your lease say on the issue to Air conditioning issues. If your lease don't have wording to guide you in that area. Re-write the lease for next time you rent the house out. Always look for ways to cover past experiences.
My lease use to be 2r 3 pages long 20 years ago. Now it's 20 pages long.
Re: Central Air Conditioner by lpadave on July 21, 2018 @19:14 [ Reply ]
.......Landlord has advised tenant, and tenant understands and accepts that at no time should the AC thermostat when in cooling mode, be lowered (set) to more than three (3) degrees below the ambient room temperature as then being displayed on the thermostat.

Further, tenant should allow at least one (1) hour after ambient room temperature has reached the cooling set point as last adjusted (set),....before further lowering the cooling set point.

Failure to follow these directions may result in cooling system freeze ups, condensation flooding and / or damage to system components including possible catastrophic failure of system compressor, all as billable, including service calls for ''no cooling'' to tenant as added rent.

I specifically verbally go over and explain this AND WHY to the tenant,....and make sure they understand the basic physics of cooling.

unfortunately most don't ,....and don't care.

I insist they completely shut down the system for at least four (4) hours then re start to see if it works before I will go further.

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