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Should I give reasons for ending tenancy - Landlord Forum thread 358232

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Should I give reasons for ending tenancy by CA landlord (CA) on July 23, 2018 @14:12

I have a tenant who is very noisy in the middle of the night, disturbing other residents, who have said they do not want to move, but may have to in order to get some sleep. He is responding in ways that are indicative of a passive-aggressive personality, and defending his right to be "nocturnal". We have given him a thirty-day notice (he
is MTM) and he wants to know why, even though we are sure he knows why. He even offered to pay 25% more a month to stay! We are planning on not answering, except with move-out info. Thoughts?
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Re: Should I give reasons for ending tenancy by Susan on July 23, 2018 @15:25 [ Reply ]
You can if you want but it's not necessary.
Re: Should I give reasons for ending tenancy by Garry on July 23, 2018 @17:16 [ Reply ]
If your T wants to know why you want him to move, simply tell him the truth, and say : Other tenants have complained about your noise disturbing them overnight, and so we have decided to ask you to move. If the T says he has a right to be nocturnal, then explain to him that your other Ts also have a right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises at all times, and that YOU have a right to ask anyone to move by giving proper notice to them.

Also, include in your letter of move-out info, that any damages left, will be considered vandalism, and you will file a criminal complaint against him thru the police dept. ( don't know if that will help or not, but it can't hurt)
Re: Should I give reasons for ending tenancy by June on July 24, 2018 @16:23 [ Reply ]
He wants to start a dialog with LL so he can find something to sue you over.

I noted you said he was a Passive/Aggressive. He is looking for trouble. He has no problem whatsoever disturbing your other peaceful tenants who are valuable to you and you want to keep them happy and continuing to rent from you. They will greatly appreciate your standing up for them and being their hero against that P/A PITA!!!
Re: Should I give reasons for ending tenancy by LAMAC66 on July 26, 2018 @10:15 [ Reply ]
Non necessary. Nothing can be gained from saying anything more than you are ending the tenancy. KISS=keep it simple stupid.....not calling you stupid

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