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Reasonable Deduction Amounts? - Landlord Forum thread 358236

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Reasonable Deduction Amounts? by Hiyaluv on July 24, 2018 @06:41

We rented a home in CA for 1.5 years. Landlord deducted $400. Some of the amounts we are sure she is profiting on and receipts provided are copies of personal checks she wrote to her husband.
She charged $100 for a single scratch on a 50 year old hardwood floor.
She charged $75 for a hole in a window treatment where we provided her a move in picture showing the hole existed upon move in.
Shes charging $25 for cleaning the oven stating the maids didnt clean it. However I saw them clean it and the company told me they came out again to re-clean it (though she is saying they acknowledged it was dirty but didnt clean it when they came over). We had a walk through while the maids were here and she said it was fine and we noted on our move in walk through and took pics showing the oven was dirty when we moved in (which we provided).
Ridiculous charges go on and on.
Is $100 reasonable for a single scratch on a floor thats 50 years old? No receipts or estimates were provided.
If we have pictures to prove we did not put a hole in her drapery and the oven condition was noted on both paper and with pics, arent we entitled to that $ back?
Our email response to her with our pictures was never responded to.
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Re: Reasonable Deduction Amounts? by lpadave on July 24, 2018 @15:49 [ Reply ]
first, this is a landlord forum, you're sort of asking the quire how they sound.
that being said, $400. doesn't go very far these days, especially in CA.. You can fight it in small claims court and the judge will probably split the difference at best (for you) as you acknowledge there was some damage.
then there's your aggrevation factor.
Perhaps you just want to consider it retroactive additional rent and get on with better things.
Re: Reasonable Deduction Amounts? by June on July 24, 2018 @16:14 [ Reply ]
Big Surprise! A 50 year old wood floor is waaaay more valuable and harder than any new wood flooring.

Any repair person will charge a trip charge of at least $100.00. Add to that the artistic patch up job, mixing custom finish colors of wood stain (they show up different on every wood species), sanding the area, staining the area, add to that dry time, a clear coat x 2. And you have the gall to say it's not worth $100.00. What are you thinking? Lincoln freed the slaves. Do you like your paycheck at the end of each week? Are you worth it? Any trades person to come out and do those repairs and cleaning will charge way more than her husband/handyman/artist!

Go buy yourself a house and pay the repair peeps yourself!

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