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AIDS - Landlord Forum thread 358248

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AIDS by Wonderly on July 24, 2018 @20:18

I had an applicant today disclose that they have AIDS during a showing. Not HIV, but full blown AIDS. They're seemingly qualified (816 FICO) but I don't want them in my house. Not only because they're homosexual, but because he subtly came on to me during the showing. I know I can't openly deny him because of his sexual orientation, but is his medical condition a federally protected class?
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Re: AIDS by AnonymousFL on July 25, 2018 @12:51 [ Reply ]
His condition is not protected just because it exists, unless it causes him disability. Then, he may be protected under the disabled class.

Tread lightly here. You potentially have two protected classes with this one applicant. Perform your due diligence by checking out the application fully. If you do not want a fair housing lawsuit on your hands, best to set aside your misgivings and treat the application fairly.
    Re: AIDS by Hiyaluv on July 25, 2018 @14:50
      Re: AIDS by AnonymousFL on July 26, 2018 @14:45

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