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storage shed by Cherise on July 25, 2018 @12:34

I have a construction worker who just rented one of our apartments in a closed community He asked if he could move his storage shed on grounds that has his tools and stated he would pay a separate rent I informed him our insurance on the property would not cover his shed and he stated he had his own. Now we have the room here but what if i have to evict? Would the shed be a separate eviction? What kind of resources do I have to figure shed rent ? Lastly, would I make a separate lease for the shed or an addendum?
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Re: storage shed by lpadave on July 25, 2018 @13:28 [ Reply ]
check your state and city rules. Construction materials may include hazardous. if the ''closed community '' has a HOA, that enters into it also. do you own just the one apartment or the entire complex and grounds ?
Re: storage shed by AnonymousFL on July 27, 2018 @16:02 [ Reply ]
Decline his request to rent it as a separate contract. Make the shed agreement as an addendum to the lease. If he leaves for one reason or another, he will be required to remove the shed as well. Failure to do so could lead to the shed to be considered to be abandoned. This is his incentive to get it moved.

You do have a choice here. You can also just say no. If the shed was important, it is something he should have considered before the unit was rented.

One other thing to consider, installing a shed in a grassy area will kill the grass. You may want to include a clause that states that he will be responsible to pay for time and materials to reseed and care to bring the lawn back to original.

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