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Re: Court fees - Landlord Forum thread 358267

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Re: Court fees by LAMAC66 on July 26, 2018 @10:20

depends on lease and state law. good luck.
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Re: Court fees by Richard on August 5, 2018 @10:40 [ Reply ]
I'd like to weigh in. Went to court on July 31 in PA. Seeking July's rent, filing fees, and late fees. Two days before the court date the tenant hands me money orders for the rent. I still went to court. Judge ruled that the tenant has until August 10th to come up with the additional costs. If he doesn't on the 11th day I can file to evict. PA judges are moving toward a "Pay and Stay" methodology or so it seems. Now here is my problem. As I write this rent for August is already past due. I am indecisive about whether to go down the the District Justice and refile for the August rent or wait and see if he pays the judgement. The problem is that the judgement does not include August's rent.

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