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Appliance repair - Landlord Forum thread 358295

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Appliance repair by Lynn on July 29, 2018 @14:39

I have a good tenant in an updated condo. There was a problem with the washer. I had it repaired which was 225 dollars. I have in the lease the tenant pays the first 175 of the repair in the lease. The tenant is refusing to pay it saying it is normal wear and tear. Any suggestion on how to proceed.
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Re: Appliance repair by lpadave on July 29, 2018 @15:31 [ Reply ]
id say if your lease language is good, bill it as added rent and carry past due balance forward with late charges as necessary. first money in goes to oldest charges first.
would I evict for something like this -- probably not,.... but as the late charges accrue the tenant may get the message.

appliances are the bane of all of us and ive gotten away from including them, including refrigerators.

i write my leases excluding any non built ins and present washers and dryers and fridges as as is and not maintained by LL.
Re: Appliance repair by Garry on July 29, 2018 @20:29 [ Reply ]
My question to you, is, does your lease comply with your state laws regarding repair of appliances that are furnished by the landlord ? In most states, LLs are responsible for the total repair or replacement of appliances they furnish, UNLESS they can show NEGLIGENCE by the tenant on their use of the appliance. If the wording doesn't comply, you should take it out of your lease. You say you have a good tenant. You could lose that T if you decide to enforce you wording in the lease. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that. Also factor in the advertising, utilities, and loss of rents if your T says goodby over the $175. If it were me, I would eat the $175, and keep the GOOD T.
Re: Appliance repair by LAMAC66 on July 31, 2018 @09:05 [ Reply ]
Based on the advice here looks like you should remove the language regarding tenant responsible for some part of repairs.

Waive for this, then you will be waiving for other things you stated tenant partially responsible for. Then if you have other properties, you need to treat those tenants in same manner under same circumstances.

I like what a poster here says about letting it go to later fees and keep in mind when its time to renew lease.

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