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Re: Has anyone been sued for self-help eviction?? - Landlord Forum thread 358305

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Re: Has anyone been sued for self-help eviction?? by Garry on July 30, 2018 @07:51

YOU are doing this to YOURSELF! YOU are an ENABLER! In this case YOU need to do NOTHING! DO NOT pay the lot rent! DO NOT pay the utilities. DO NOT pay for his groceries. DO NOT communicate with him in ANY WAY! If he calls, texts, or emails you, DO NOT ANSWER, PERIOD!! If he comes to your door, DO NOT OPEN IT! Your brother will NEVER hit rock bottom, because YOU AND YOUR PARENTS are ALWAYS there to CATCH HIM/PROP HIM UP!!
You need to watch Dr. Phil on a daily basis, as he tells this same thing to his audience and the whole country about once a week. IF YOU AND YOUR PARENTS STOP DOING ANYTHING/EVERYTHING for your brother, EVENTUALLY, he will run out of food, and will have to move when it gets cold, because of no utilities on. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT HIM. ALL LIFE on this planet automatically seeks food when they are hungry, and seeks shelter from the cold (if utils are off). He WILL MOVE, if YOU stop doing things to keep him there.
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