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Re: Appliance repair - Landlord Forum thread 358306

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Re: Appliance repair by Lynn on July 30, 2018 @10:04

Iím in Illinois. And Illinois law will go by the lease agreement should it come down to it. I was just wondering how other landlords handle appliance repairs. The way I look at it. The appliances are supplied in good working order. Tenant can use them but should the need repair they pay the first 175. I believe this to be a fair deal. Put some responsibility on the T to use it correctly and not abuse it.

And since it is stated in the lease and I choose to waive it and another appliance breaks down they will want that waived also. Then why even have it in the lease if you donít plan on enforcing it? Then should you go to court to try and enforce it - the judge may waive it because the landlord waived others and didnít enforce the lease previously.

I donít want to make a stupid mistake and get bitten in the butt later for it.
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Re: Appliance repair by Dayna on July 30, 2018 @12:30 [ Reply ]
For a good tenant, IMO, I would waive it.

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