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Double whammy with diarrhea - Landlord Forum thread 358313

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Double whammy with diarrhea by Jody (NV) on July 30, 2018 @12:44

I have a tenant who is an older gentleman and his son has recently moved in to help him.

I don't want to cause a fuss, but want to make sure I'm doing this correctly.

The son is helping take care of his dad and I'm assuming he is staying for the long term. Should I add son to lease at this point?

From what i'm hearing the dad has issues with holding his bowels and has had a few accidents in the house with carpet. AKA diarrhea. I don't want to be a mean landlord, but I need to make sure I deduct for this right?

Las time I inspected the house there was a faint poop smell and I saw some stains.
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Re: Double whammy with diarrhea by Garry on July 31, 2018 @14:03 [ Reply ]
You have the right to ask your tenant if his son has moved in, and if he has, you have the right to add the son to the lease. You can even get the son's info, and run a criminal background check on him. BUT NOTHING MORE! If your T has a medical condition, you should not ask about it. And you should not raise the rent, at least until the lease is up (and then by just a small amount). If anything, you should be CONGRATULATING the son, for stepping forward, and being willing to take care of his aging parent. Hopefully, YOUR children will be willing to do that for you some day.

Let them live their daily lives. The son will clean the carpet as best he can. I'm sure they don't want to be walking in feces anymore than you would. The carpet can be cleaned or replaced when they move out, and the cost can come from the deposit. But seeing as the son seems to be a VERY RESPONSIBLE person, they may even replace the carpeting (at their expense) when they move out. Think of how YOU would like to be treated if you were in this same situation.

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