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Re: Vetting potential renters - Landlord Forum thread 358345

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Re: Vetting potential renters by Phillip on August 2, 2018 @09:59

I think $250 is high. I generally use $75 as a good point in my prior rental areas. You want to avoid them from calling you to replace lightbulbs, but you want them to call you if a switch or socket may not be wired correctly. Most of the things that happen regularly and may be under $75, I specifically called out, such as lockouts (about $40 from a locksmith) and plumbing stoppages (which can be under $100 for a local plumber). If I have to have any major trade in the building, even if just to inspect or do something small, I probably would want to be tracking it. $250 would cover up a lot of things I might want to know about.
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Re: Vetting potential renters by Jannie1 on August 3, 2018 @18:01 [ Reply ]
I think your plumber works for less than ours - we just had a leak in the pipe under the sink - took about 15 minutes and cost $75.
A stoppage at the same place cost over $100 (just over).

I think $100 would be a good amount.

I don't have it in my leases - but so far haven't had a problem.

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