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Ending Lease Early - Landlord Forum thread 358351

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Ending Lease Early by Jason on August 3, 2018 @04:53

I used the LPA format lease for my lease agreements, but don't see anything about a penalty for prematurely breaking the leave. E.g. Tenant is signed until 11/18 and vacates 7/18.
Can someone please provide me with an example of what they use in their lease so that I'm covered and legal.

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Re: Ending Lease Early by Garry on August 4, 2018 @10:48 [ Reply ]
If there is no wording in your lease about penalties, then it becomes whatever may be in your state's LL/T laws about penalties. If there is nothing in those laws regarding penalties, then you can only claim the ACTUAL damages you incur to get a place re-rented again in the middle of a broken lease. That usually means loss of rent, utilities, court costs, and advertising costs. We in Iowa, are limited to $100 as far as a "penalty" goes.
Re: Ending Lease Early by Susan on August 8, 2018 @11:31 [ Reply ]
There does not have to be an early termination clause in your lease because the tenant is expected to comply with the contract on a 1 year lease.

If the tenant breaks the lease he is responsible for the remaining time until expiration.
That is why the lease has a term written into it.
Re: Ending Lease Early by Susan on August 8, 2018 @11:33 [ Reply ]
I believe the LPA Lease has a general "Breach of Lease" penalty clause at the end of it. It does not have to be used specifically for early termination.
Re: Ending Lease Early by Jim on August 10, 2018 @14:49 [ Reply ]
You can sue.

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