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Re: Tenant left behind cat flea infestation!!! - Landlord Forum thread 358370

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Re: Tenant left behind cat flea infestation!!! by Garry on August 6, 2018 @14:06

First, call 3 other exterminators and get estimates, and find out how long it should take to get rid of the fleas from each one. People have fleas all the time, and hire exterminators, and maybe have to leave the property for a day or two, but that's it. NOBODY leaves their home for weeks at a time, just to get rid of fleas.

Second, people can sue anyone, for anything, at any time, for any amount. Whether you can win, or not, how much you may win, and whether you can find the person, and actually COLLECT, is another story. The GF is dead, so you can't collect from her. Her estate will probably not be liable. IF you can find the BF, and IF he has any money or a job, and IF you have a GOOD case that is WINNABLE, then maybe you could sue him. But you could only sue for the actual cost of getting rid of the fleas, not for what they SHOULD have paid you for a pet fee, or for any loss of rents AFTER you took back the property. (you would have to show you showed the property to several prospective tenants, and they refused to rent the place because of the fleas being there.) If I were you, I would forget about suing, take my loses, get rid of the fleas as soon as you can, get the place fixed up, and re-rent it again.
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