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Periodic inspections while tenant is present? - Landlord Forum thread 358382

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Periodic inspections while tenant is present? by John on August 8, 2018 @14:15


I'm planning on the next tenant to perform periodic inspections of my rental property. I'm thinking every 6 mos, however I want to hear from you guys, what do you think. I'm thinking it should be part of the lease, waived at the landlord's discretion. The biggest issue I have is confronting the tenant about an issue while I'm at the residence. It seems that I should make a note of everything and shoot off an email of the issues I find. Can you take photos of problems while there? Anybody has any experience dealing with this. Thanks
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Re: Periodic inspections while tenant is present? by L. on August 8, 2018 @15:06 [ Reply ]
We do inspections once a year. Most of our tenants work, so we schedule them during that time. Never had a tenant confront us, nor have we confronted a tenant during that time. We've taken photos of damages, but never of personal belongings.
Re: Periodic inspections while tenant is present? by LAMAC66 on August 9, 2018 @07:10 [ Reply ]
I put it in the lease every 4 months we do safety/maintenance inspection which include all major systems.

We always do it when tenant is present at there convenience and if and only if they cant give us a good time for them would we do it when they are not present.

We take photos with a property inspection app where we can also make notes. We give them a copy of the report and what will be done to remedy any issues observed.
Re: Periodic inspections while tenant is present? by Susan on August 9, 2018 @11:46 [ Reply ]
I'm fortunate that I'm able to get good tenants whom I've verified good credit and seen their current home, so I don't inspect more than once or twice a year.
Of course if there is a repair that needs to be done and I go there, that is an opportunity to do a quick inspection.
I use the LPA's Inspection Report checklist form
Re: Periodic inspections while tenant is present? by Jim on August 10, 2018 @14:48 [ Reply ]
It is a good idea to have a presence.

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