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Pre-qualification questions too much? - Landlord Forum thread 358448

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Pre-qualification questions too much? by John on August 19, 2018 @15:07

So I just started advertising my place. When someone responds via email I start of with a set of pre-qualification questions. These are the questions.

Thank You for responding to the advertisement.

Before we can proceed please answer the following. I ask this of all interested persons.

1. When would be your move date?
2. There will be a credit, background and rental history check for this unit. Is there anything negative in your (financial and personal) background that will show up? If so please describe?"
3. Do you have pets or do you foresee having pets ($40.00 monthly pet fee)?
4. I perform a property inspection every 6 mos. This is for safety/maintenance inspection . Will this be a problem?
4. What is the combined income of everyone in the household, how many people would be living with you?
5. Can you provide phone number and email address.

Thank You

After I ask these questions almost no one replies. I've gotten 15 inquires within 1 day!!! Why no reply. I'm advertising mainly FB, Craigslist and Zillow.
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Re: Pre-qualification questions too much? by L. on August 19, 2018 @16:46 [ Reply ]
They didn't answer because they hope to get past that step without qualifying.

I just hit delete.
Re: Pre-qualification questions too much? by Garry on August 19, 2018 @18:04 [ Reply ]
Pre-screening questions are fine to use, but sometimes LLs use too many questions, or get too personal with their Qs, which turn people off. As you said----15 calls, but no replies AFTER you start asking Qs. What I do, is put some of my expectations in my ad. : move in to be on or after xxxx, No pets, or if you allow them---size and for how much extra. backgrounds will be checked. Must have xxxx total net income. Those "answers" will filter out some people, but probably not all of the 15 people that called you on the one day.

I would much rather meet a few people at my rental, and get a personal feel for them. I have them fill out an application at my rental if they are interested after they see it. Yes, it IS more time consuming, and you may not like ANY of the prospects that you show your place to. But, as you just admitted to, it's also very frustrating when 15 people email, and NO ONE gets back to you. Being a LL is not easy, and sometimes you actually have to WORK at getting a place filled, rather than letting your fingers and the internet try to find someone for you.

About your Qs for pre-screening -----
#1 is ok to ask
#2 just state there will be backgrounds checks, nothing more
#3 Just ask---do you have pets---nothing more
#4Take out all together----you can tell them that w3hen they see your place
#4a OK to ask, but get a net income figure
#5 Take off----that can be filled in on their app when they see your place.
Re: Pre-qualification questions too much? by lpadave on August 20, 2018 @06:38 [ Reply ]
I go over most of these in a call back phone call.

I post availability info with property details and rent amount. I make two attempts to call back voice mail messages left for me. VM messages left for me without at least a first name, have one strike against them before we even start,...but I do call them back. Actually sometimes I am ultimately surprised that these people who initially appear to have been raised I the forest by wolves do indeed turn out ok.

That first actual phone conversation is very important and tells a lot All of what you're looking for in your questionnaire can be worked into a more casual first conversation if it flows properly to the point that both sides are interested.

THIS is the time on the phone and showing properties stuff that is and always will be a part of our business. It's the stuff the casual, wanna be, or accidental landlords don't really get.

You have to do it to find good quality tenants
Re: Pre-qualification questions too much? by LAMAC66 on August 20, 2018 @11:02 [ Reply ]
You're fine. Nothing invasive or bad about the questions. It's doing its job. Weeding out time wasters. Keep at it. In my opinion and experience FB and Craigslist have the most time wasters.

It works for some people depending on the quality of applicant you want I suppose. However FB can be fine tuned I believe.

Re: Pre-qualification questions too much? by Chele on August 24, 2018 @13:18 [ Reply ]
#3 and #4 go in the lease, so no need to ask, but you can state, and these are actually selling points.
#1 you let tenant know availability date
#2 should be a statement about the charge for the credit check, not a DOJ investigation question.
#4 can be a minimum income to rent
So we are just down to question #5
Re: Pre-qualification questions too much? by Chele on August 24, 2018 @13:23 [ Reply ]
As it's important to spend some time on the phone engaging the potential renter in a conversation to gauge interest, I usually have one photo and a nearby intersection, with "photos available on request." An interested tenant will call you to learn more, and not cut the conversation short.

A problem with photos posted to the internet is that they can get highjacked into scam rental ads. It doesn't hurt to check that you are the only one who is advertising your place for rent. This also happens when a tenant decides to Air Bnb your place in violation of the lease terms.

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