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Listening to potential tenant stories - Landlord Forum thread 358460

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Listening to potential tenant stories by John on August 20, 2018 @16:17

So here goes, I posted an advertisement Friday. I got so many responses. These are the two most qualified tenants thus far, Not sure if I'm wasting my time with having them view the place. My rent is around 1540 a month.

1. Single mother of 4 kids and a dog. Her total income as a nurse is 54,000. However she indicates to me that she also received $2,400 in child support from the ex-husband. This would make her qualified (assuming I add both). Her credit is around 600 or so, but her excuse is due to the divorce her credit dropped etc... Her income (assuming she's telling the truth) would put her over the cut-off of 55,440. She's currently at a month-to-month with her previous LL because the falling out with her ex caused them NOT to buy a house and rent a 2BR somewhere. My issue is do you guys include CP as part of income? I can't discriminate on how many people but the 4 kids seem like a lot of wear and tear on the place.

2. This one seems a lot better and a lot less drama. It's just 2 people. The person says they make around 60K and no pets etc... Credit is around the same 600 or so. However, I completely forgot to ask about the background of the other half (potential tenant) etc...

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Re: Listening to potential tenant stories by Garry on August 20, 2018 @21:55 [ Reply ]
I'll guarantee you, 100%, that you will NEVER rent your place, unless you SHOW it. The same goes for finding the "perfect" tenant. There are NO perfect Ts out there, just as there are NO perfect LLs out there, either.

I'll tell you a little about me. I've been a LL for 38 years, and currently have 20 SFHs that I rent out. I run criminal background checks, but I have NEVER ran a credit check on ANY of my past or current tenants.(or even prospective Ts.) I have mostly low income Ts, and I expect cash or money orders for the deposit, and the first 3-6 months rent. ALL of them are on M2M leases, starting from day 1. If they are violating my leases, I talk to them, and if we can"t iron things out, I'll give them a 30 day notice to move, even if its the start or middle of the winter. Currently, I have 3 Ts that have been with me for 5-10 years, and 3 others that have been with me 11-18 years. Good luck to you on finding a new tenant.
Re: Listening to potential tenant stories by LAMAC66 on August 21, 2018 @06:51 [ Reply ]
If they meet your criteria then whats the problem? Run the background check and chose the best one that meets your criteria.

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