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Frusterating with advertising - Landlord Forum thread 358471

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Frusterating with advertising by John on August 23, 2018 @11:19

I currenty have my property listed on FB, Zillow, Craigslist, Cozy. This is what happens.

I get a notification. I promptly contact(phone) or email them back. They never return my call or if they do they say they will call me back, but never do. On FB it's even worse, I get a instant message "Is this available". I then respond back, they never respond back.

WTF is this, I've tried being more polite, answering in various ways, waiting a few minutes, but this seems to be happening quite too often. You guys experienced this before?
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Re: Frusterating with advertising by AnonymousFL on August 23, 2018 @16:11 [ Reply ]
We don't use any of those. We found that free advertising generaly leads to a fair bit of wasted time. We pay to advertise our rentals and then make a point of prequalifying.
Re: Frusterating with advertising by Timothy on August 24, 2018 @16:33 [ Reply ]
So My first Show day I scheduled 7 people from Craigslist, NOBODY SHOWED. 1 couple came, looked, argued in their car for 2 minutes and drove away. How did I know? They called me from their business phone and were driving their business vehicle. I've had Much better luck with Zillow/Trulia, but I also find people get less flaky, more serious and more dependable as the end of the month approaches. I also kindly ask them to let me know if they can't come or change their minds as it is a long drive. This has worked wonders with the flakes.

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