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Renting to a Single Mother - Landlord Forum thread 358472

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Renting to a Single Mother by John on August 23, 2018 @11:22

What do you guys think of this. I copied pasted this from another forum. I once rented to a single mother and had similar problems. She couldn't take care of shit, she was always late on the rent and she acted entitled and privileged. She then began using her single mommy status and daughters as emotional pawns to try to stop me from evicting her. Anyone have experiences?

1. Single income even when qualified they seem to have trouble coming up with rent on time
2. The amount of repairs needed far exceed that of a two parent or roommate tenant ( I once had to pay $200 to send an electrician to flip a circuit breaker)
3. They have boyfriends/girlfriends/family members/friends move in that are not on the lease
4. They will use their kids as pawns to get an extension of late rent trying to appeal to the emotions of the owners (sorry, you signed that lease, your gender and parent status does not get you out of that responsibility)
5. The lawn care is not kept up with, even when it is clearly stated on the lease that it is the renters responsibility.
6. They do not take as much care of the property, it is left with more than normal wear and tear and in much filthier conditions.
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Re: Renting to a Single Mother by AnonymousFL on August 23, 2018 @16:21 [ Reply ]
Ignore the family status and treat them like any other household. That is the way fair housing would have us do it anyway. It's ok to empathize with their situation, but they did agree to follow the lease, rules, etc.

Be friendly, but stern, like any parent should be. :)

We make sure to use letters and notices for any issues so that if things do become a problem, we have a solid history in our files when it comes time to go to court. We use reasonable time frames for them to correct any problems...if things don'thappen, we do not have any problem utilizing the courts to show problem tenants that we mean business.

As far as the repair bills, we take plenty of pictures before move-in and document exisitng wear and damage (as we should). We will charge tenants for repairs that do not fall under normal wear and tear.
Re: Renting to a Single Mother by LAMAC66 on August 24, 2018 @10:35 [ Reply ]
I have the same experience, except it was a married couple with about that
Re: Renting to a Single Mother by June on August 24, 2018 @16:15 [ Reply ]
My experience has been that "single" mothers are not people I would rent to again. All you noted is true and then some! No more "sob stories". Quality people will qualify if you follow the steps LPA outlines. I will always remember these wise words: "WHEN SOMEONE SHOWS YOU WHO OR WHAT THEY ARE, BELIEVE THEM". Never make excuses for people.

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