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jammed kitchen drawer & a missing built-in cutting - Landlord Forum thread 358483

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jammed kitchen drawer & a missing built-in cutting by Chele on August 24, 2018 @13:11

I am ending up sending over a handyman to check if the metal track is bent. If the tenant's item inside the drawer got stuck and caused the jam, then it's not normal wear-and-tear. Any ideas or experience on the remedy.

The tenant also asked me about replacing a missing built-in cutting board. We agreed on move-in that it was missing and I did not offer to replace it. I see that the tenant feels as though she is missing something in life without it, though, but I would prefer to give her a brand new free-standing cutting board over finding someone to cut and place soon-to-be yucky cutting board. Any ideas on how I can offer the new cutting board and quiet the issue of the missing one?
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Re: jammed kitchen drawer & a missing built-in cutting by June on August 24, 2018 @23:30 [ Reply ]
Go to IKEA and buy a new one for $10.00, put it in a gift
bag from $Dollar Tree Store with a bit of tissue paper in
it and give it to them as a "gift"! They can yuk it up to
their heart's content. If she asks about a "custom" one to
fit into the cabinet, tell them you don't want them to have
something that is not clean an sanitary. The portable one is washable and can be disinfected and will be way cleaner and safer to use. They will be all happied up!
Re: jammed kitchen drawer & a missing built-in cutting by AnonymousFL on August 25, 2018 @11:49 [ Reply ]
If you honestly can say that the tenants item caused the damage and it was not a preexisting problem or a fault of the track, then you can charge them.

As for the cutting board, you are not required to add something to the rental that was not there when the unit was showed to her unless it is explicitly stated to be there. Rentals are genreally considered to be 'as-is'. Noe, if a fix is reasonably inexpensive and easy to do, you might consider garnering good will from the tenant by adding a cutting board...first impressions and all.
Re: jammed kitchen drawer & a missing built-in cutting by LAMAC66 on August 27, 2018 @07:40 [ Reply ]
Those are minor fixes. Take care of them and move on. Lots of good suggestions here. Hope you have in your lease on how maintenance is handled in regard to what is considered major and minor.

As well as what is their responsibility is for maintenance as far as what to call you for.

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