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Tenant keeps overloading circuits - Landlord Forum thread 358505

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Tenant keeps overloading circuits by Lilly on August 27, 2018 @23:48

So old house, like 50 yrs. old. The circuit the reefer is on is on the same wall and breaker that I have discovered the tenant uses to power her Microwave, Rice cooker, electric skillet, Deep fat fryer and god knows what else.
I've moved the reefer to another open not used circuit and forbade her to move it back where it would actually belong. That move is not sustainable in the long run, so I am getting quotes on running a new dedicated circuit for the reefer. English is not her first language (Swahili) and she says she understand she cannot keep plugging all that crap in at once time. What now?
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Re: Tenant keeps overloading circuits by Garry on August 29, 2018 @10:00 [ Reply ]
Follow thru with your plan. Get your quotes, pick the best one, and put the refrig on it's own dedicated circuit. I believe that the National electric code nowadays says refriges are to be on their own dedicated circuit anyhow. That probably was not the case when the house was built. Then, if the T is still blowing breakers on the remaining kitchen plugs, you may need to have an electrician split up them as well.
Re: Tenant keeps overloading circuits by Thriver on September 3, 2018 @12:56 [ Reply ]
I have tenants I found out were running two space heaters off of extension cords & blew breakers. They called claiming they had no lights on a Friday night ending up costing me $2800.00 for 2 circuits so they could run their TV & microwave, computer & blender without blowing a circuit. I feel I was taken advantage of by the tenants as well as the electrical company. What made matters worse is the tenant requested the electrician to crawl through the attic to fix the old doorbell he didn't do. The tenant can go buy a portable doorbell for $15.00 because they're very easy to install. The tenants are not admitting they had two space heaters running off extension cords though, the electrician revealed this to me. I had just had their wall heater repaired six months before this, so there was no need to be doing this.

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