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Liability while having work done - Landlord Forum thread 358523

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Liability while having work done by S on August 31, 2018 @14:15

Just curious if any of you use any particular liability waiver when having work done on any of your properties. Occasionally I will accept, from word-of-mouth, someone who is doing side work. My concern is them causing damage to a neighboring property accidentally or hurting themselves or someone they may be having help them.

I asked this question of my insurance company about how to protect myself and even they didn't have a whole lot of advice which surprised me.

I certainly realize there are situations where a property owner may be negligent and not pointing out something that could put someone in danger, I would certainly not look to be that person and do my best to make sure my environments are safe. Im more referencing a person for instance doing professional tree work and accidentally Lindsay branch and it cracks a sidewalk or hits a deck on a neighboring property. I think even more than that My worry is someone trying to sue me for them causing their own injury like they fall off the first branch and claim that they have back injuries. And wondering what protection I would have if I had them sign a waiver of liability as in they're doing it at their own risk this is something they have knowledge of and I do not.

Sorry I didn't want to create all kinds of scenarios or be too wordy, just trying to allow someone to make some money for their family and me save a few dollars. Most of my major stuff is done with people who carry liability and workman's comp insurance.
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Re: Liability while having work done by June on August 31, 2018 @14:22 [ Reply ]
Make sure your contractors have Liability Insurance and Workmen's Comp. Sad to say, if anything happens, you will be the "fall guy" and yes, they go for the "deep pockets". Make sure your contractors have CURRENT insurances, double check and get it in writing.
All the best to you, June
Re: Liability while having work done by lpadave on August 31, 2018 @17:03 [ Reply ]
Oh for the dillema of saving a buck ! We're all guilty of it and generally its penny wise but pound foolish.

there's a plumber I use who i'm sure lifted this saying from someone else but::::::'''experienced labor isn't cheap, labor isn't experienced.'''

very true

valid licenses, workers comp and liability insurance, or do the work yourself. it costs,...put it also pays.

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