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deductions to deposit for previous repairs - Landlord Forum thread 358598

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deductions to deposit for previous repairs by Tim on September 21, 2018 @02:51

My tenant caused some damage 2 years ago that I did not make her pay for at the time. I didn't want to have any turmoil at the time.
I am preparing the itemized list of deductions that I am making to her deposit. Can I charge her for those past repairs now or did I forfeit them for some reason. I told her during the final inspection that I was going to deduct those from her deposit. She wasn't happy.

Thank you for your assistance.
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Re: deductions to deposit for previous repairs by LAMAC66 on September 21, 2018 @07:51 [ Reply ]
Two years ago? We need more context. Has she been gone 2 years or the damage was two years and she is leaving now?
Depends on "damage." Some people inadvertently call normal wear and tear damage.

Very subjective and your local or state law may provide guidance. This website has a itemized list of things that are deductible.
Re: deductions to deposit for previous repairs by Fred on September 24, 2018 @08:15 [ Reply ]
I would deduct them. She could take you to court. Then a judge will decide who is right. If you have bills from that time to prove the damages. I see no problem. Still judges can be odd in some rulings.
Re: deductions to deposit for previous repairs by Tim on October 8, 2018 @18:44 [ Reply ]
I sent the tenant the returned portion of her deposit along with copies of all receipts I had for deductions and a copy of walk-through sign-off paperwork, signature return receipt. I got it back with her signature and dated Sept 24th. She still has not cashed the check and I have a strong feeling she is going to take me to court over the deductions. She signed on the walk-through papers 'Under duress' next to her name.

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