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SC- PM/LL won't give copy of lease - Landlord Forum thread 358605

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SC- PM/LL won't give copy of lease by Laura on September 26, 2018 @11:12

I signed a two year lease on a home through a PM Co. I was never given a copy of my lease by the PM, although I have asked for a copy NUMEROUS times. A formal walk through was never done by the PM or LL and signed off on by anyone. My Mom did for me, she took pictures and noted all the visible damages. The PM is avoiding me and not giving me a copy of my lease. The LL says now I have to deal with him and he wants me to pay October rent, but still won't give me a copy of the lease. Says that I have to give a 60 day notice, I gave a 30 day, but I have no way of really knowing, since no one will give me a copy of the lease agreement. The PM said it was accessible through their online portal, which I do not have access to when I try to sign in. What recourse do I have?
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Re: SC- PM/LL won't give copy of lease by Fred on September 26, 2018 @11:49 [ Reply ]
I would put the request for a copy of the lease in writing. Asking is a he said she said game that you rarely win.
A 60 day notice would be a normal period of time to end the lease for moving out.
The LL has to have documentation in writing to prove his side of any eviction or claim on damages. I usually send notice 60 day ahead of an end of lease. Asking what the T plans are, as well as any rent increases for the coming year. You could force LL to take you to court, or if the LL keeps the deposit for items that were caught on pictures your mom took prior to move in. You could take LL to court for return of un documented damage. Or picture proof it was prior damage.

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