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Reviews on tenants - Landlord Forum thread 358610

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Reviews on tenants by Ray on September 27, 2018 @20:36

I work for a tenant screening bureau. We collect eviction data and allow landlords and property managers to write a review on our website regarding their past or present tenant.

We have been asked a question about allowing property managers the ability to write truthful reviews on tenants.

This question was posed by a past tenant of a landlord.

The Question:

How is it legal to write a review about a past tenant that fell on hard times and had to break his lease and post it for the world to see?

Our Response.

It is totally legal to write a review on a landlord and many times reviews written on landlords get post and past on to other tenants and sometimes this can cost a landlord his reputation and be deemed a slumlord. Now sometimes these allegations are true, but most of the time they are not.

Because they are written out of anger from a tenant that deserved to be evicted.

By the question posed to us is this legal.

The answer is yes it is. As long as the landlord points out the facts and write their review based on the facts of what happened their is nothing wrong with any landlord writing a good review on a tenant who was outstanding and paid their rent on time and would like to share their report card on their past tenant with other landlords.

Now on the other hand what if the tenant was a bad tenant. Is it right to post what happened.

Absolutely any landlord or property manager that has had a bad experience with a particular tenant has the right to write a truthful review of this tenant and what happened.

If the tenant never paid rent on time, never kept the property in good condition and caused damage or even if the tenant broke the lease or you had to evict them. As long as its true you can let other landlords or property managers know your opinion of that individual.
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Re: TENANT SCREENING BUREAU by LAMAC66 on September 28, 2018 @09:20 [ Reply ]
I always think its better to tell the factual truth. Truth be told, many landlords are afraid to divulge derogatory specifics about a bad tenant.

In my opinion this helps contribute to professional tenants getting over on landlords. I am not scared to to give factual truth when asked because I have the data and documentation to back it up.

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