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problematic tenant nyc by junez on September 30, 2018 @19:24

going to retry to evict m2m non lease problematic tenant after trying in february.... i waited this long because i figured trying every other month to evict them would be abusing court ( i dont know why i thought that) was i wrong in thinking that even thought i KNOW they wont pay anything
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Re: problematic tenant nyc by Garry on September 30, 2018 @21:33 [ Reply ]
You are not abusing the court system, unless judges determine you are bringing fraudulent or "nutty" cases into court. If you already "know" the tenants either cannot or will not pay the rent, that is all the more reason to GO to eviction court. The T is actually STEALING from you. They are getting a roof over their head, but are not paying for it. YOU are asking the courts to evict that person because they are not paying for what they are getting (the roof). It's no different than when a loan company repossesses a car. The person is using the car, but is no paying for it. Court systems were set up thousands of years ago, so people that disagreed with each other, had a 3rd party to decide who was right and who was wrong, and so people did not take the "law" into their own hands. If you lose in court, try to figure out why, and keep going back in till you win. However, you may find it cheaper, and less time consuming, if you hire a lawyer who knows how to evict someone.

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