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payable for how many days? - Landlord Forum thread 358631

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payable for how many days? by Ann on October 4, 2018 @15:09

When Security Deposit cannot cover Tenant's damage, how many days should Tenant pay it after Landlord notifies Tenant? Payable for 5 days?
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Re: payable for how many days? by Jannie1 on October 4, 2018 @16:36 [ Reply ]
I assumed you itemized the damages & sentthe letter to the tenant with a bill of X amount of $ owed. How long ago did you send the letter?

Re: payable for how many days? by Garry on October 4, 2018 @17:23 [ Reply ]
I always give the former tenant about 30 to 45 days to pay the extra amount owed. Then if they don't respond, send another letter to them giving them 15-21 days to pay it, OR you may decide to file in small claims court against them. You have to remember that once a T is gone, unless they have been excellent tenants, and they left you on really good terms, they never want to see or hear from you ever again. You have only about a 5% chance they will ever send you any money. Once you have sent out 2 letters, and they still haven't responded to you, you need to decide if the amount they owe you, is worth your time and money to take them to court-----that's IF you can even find them, and IF they have any money. I, personally don't chase tenants. For me, I will take the monetary loss, and move on, chalking it up to a learning experience, and knowing I will never see those Ts again.
Remember, even if you win a judgement in court, that does NOT get you any money yet. YOU still have a lot of legwork to do to actually collect that money. For me, it's just not worth it.
Re: payable for how many days? by AnonymousFL on October 4, 2018 @22:24 [ Reply ]
State that they should pay the balance or contact you to discuss the situation within 30 days. 30 days is reasonable. After that, you can decide if it is worth your time and money to chase them.

If they have good rental history and credit, hopefully they will be willing to work out something. If they do not, it may not be worth the effort.
Re: payable for how many days? by LAMAC66 on October 5, 2018 @06:44 [ Reply ]
Check your state laws for statute. Then file if they dont pay. Just have it on file and go to collections to have it on their record.

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