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Tennant abandond property in Texas - Landlord Forum thread 358648

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Tennant abandond property in Texas by David on October 8, 2018 @14:59

I have a Tennant that left my property with doors wide open. The cabinets are empty, but a piano, a flat screen TV lots of trash and some clothes were left. All utilities are off, and there was a sign on the door that water was shut off due to non payment. They have obviously moved. Do I need to go ahead and go through an eviction? In Texas there are no firm abandond property laws as far as I can tell. What are my obligations with the abandond property?
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Re: Tennant abandond property in Texas by Garry on October 8, 2018 @16:41 [ Reply ]
No need to go thru an eviction process thru the courts. However, you do need to document some things. Take a witness with you and a camera. Photograph all rooms, closets, cupboards, refrig, and anything they left you. Do not move anything until after you have taken pics of everything just as it sets. Then make a decision as to what is actual trash, and what "may" have some value to it. Throw the trash away, and figure out where you might store the piano, TV, and clothes for 30-60 days. Change the locks, get the utils back on, and get your place ready to rent again. If the T ever does come back for their things in the near future, tell them you still have them and they can have them back as soon as they pay you the storage fees. Sometimes, in well documented situations, a LL just has to take matters into their own hands, and not rely on a court system to get possession back.

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