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Landlord agent by Anonymous on October 8, 2018 @19:45

I schedualed for court later this week for damages. the lease was signed by the agent of this company. i got a letter from the companies who happens to be an attorney and is asking me to take the agents name off of the complaint. I don't think that is advisable. They want to meet before it goes to court. I feel very vulnerable if I were to do that. i have plenty (I think) evidence for about $2500.00 damages. My son thinks I should talk to them to see if to see if we can come to an agreement. Any experiences that might help? Im in Wisconsin.
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Re: Landlord agent by Garry on October 8, 2018 @20:50 [ Reply ]
Since you are already scheduled into court this week, there is no reason to meet early, outside the courtroom. Keep your court date, and do not take the agent's name off your complaint. The judge can always do that if the other side makes a compelling reason to do so. In court, once each side has given their testimony and presented their evidence, you can still negotiate in front of the judge.
Re: Landlord agent by L. on October 10, 2018 @11:09 [ Reply ]
Glad to see that Garry answered your question exactly like they did on the other site. :)
Re: Landlord agent by Clina on October 10, 2018 @22:51 [ Reply ]
Garry, I want to thank you for your response.Thanks. 😊

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