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PET FEES and support and assistance dogs - Landlord Forum thread 358672

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PET FEES and support and assistance dogs by lpadave on October 12, 2018 @17:19

OK,'s a question for the forum:

can LL charge pet fees for emotional support animals ?

my understanding is that pet fees or additional rent CANNOT be charged for documented ADA assistance animals,....but what about these esa's ??
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Re: PET FEES and support and assistance dogs by Garry on October 12, 2018 @19:30 [ Reply ]
The same is true for ESAs. You cannot charge any extra deposit, fees, or 'pet rent" for them, as long as the tenant has the PROPER documentation that they are a true ESA. That means the T has provided you with a legitimate doc from a doctor, phycologist, phyciatrist, etc. that they have a need for the ESA. That said, the animal must be cleaned up after on a regular basis, must not bark non-stop outside the home, and cannot be aggressive towards other people. TRUE ESAs are to be considered the same as a cane or a wheelchair------something that is needed by a disabled person, on a daily basis, to function reasonably well in today's society.
Re: PET FEES and support and assistance dogs by Ann on October 13, 2018 @02:30 [ Reply ]

Is/are Tenant candidates financially qualified?

Other fees can be considered and mentioned in Lease regarding Pet damage and cleaning
(1) air duck
(2) house rule - pet odor
(3) dog waste handling
Re: PET FEES and support and assistance dogs by Ann on October 13, 2018 @02:40 [ Reply ]
more fees: Tenant is responsible for Pest and insect control fees.

My former tenant's dogs toileting in the backyard, lived in Sun room as bedroom or dog home. Tons of Mosquitoes in the backyard. Tons of dog hairs and soil, moisture, etc went into sun room when Tenant left a door widely open for 24 x 7. this behavior successfully damage door and window frames. Flea eggs can be left over on the floors.
Re: PET FEES and support and assistance dogs by Ann on October 13, 2018 @21:02 [ Reply ]

There are two exceptions, when a landlord can deny a service or companion animal:

1. If the landlord lives in the unit, and they or a member of their immediate family have an allergy to the animal.
2. If that specific animal has aggressively threatened someone. (This must be the specific animal in question, and not based on beliefs about behavior from that breed, size, etc.)

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