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Court for damages - Landlord Forum thread 358685

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Court for damages by Clina on October 16, 2018 @15:21

I schedualed for court later this week for damages. the lease was signed by the agent of this company. i got a letter from the companies who happens to be an attorney and is asking me to take the agents name off of the complaint. I don't think that is advisable. They want to meet before it goes to court. I feel very vulnerable if I were to do that. i have plenty (I think) evidence for about $2500.00 damages. My son thinks I should talk to them to see if to see if we can come to an agreement. Any experiences that might help? Im in Wisconsin.

I posted the above on October 8 and went to court as scheduled but we were not on the schedule. We found out that the defendants changed the complaint to go to a trial court in December so they can protest (with the atty) the agency of the person who signed alll the papers, lease, etc.,
It cost me over $4600.00 and Iím asking $2400.00 for damages. I have tons of pictures but none of before they rented it.

Does this ,mean that I need an atty as well and will it be worth it? Should I just eat the loss. I feel so stuck.
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