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Rent 2 apartments to 1 tenant? - Landlord Forum thread 358690

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Rent 2 apartments to 1 tenant? by Ed on October 19, 2018 @14:09

I have a tenant who wants rents a very small apartment from me and wants to rent another (second) apartment in the same building that will soon be vacant for only 1 month (for a relative visiting from overseas).

The apartment he currently rents is too small for a second bed or even a cot (studio unit).

At this point I'm just considering my options because I will be doing some light renovations in the vacant unit and it would be nice to get rent too while the work is being done (tenant just needs bedroom and bathroom for guest).

How would you handle this?

Have him sign a one month lease and use the current security deposit for both apartments? Ask for additional security?


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Re: Rent 2 apartments to 1 tenant? by Garry on October 19, 2018 @20:42 [ Reply ]
DON'T DO IT ! To many possible problems for the little bit of money you are chasing. This is what hotels/motels are for. Coming from over seas, they have no furniture and would have to rent some. When they leave, YOU could be stuck with the furniture, and possibly the bill, too. What if they decide to stay longer than 1 month? And maybe not paying you any rent, past whatever you get up front. What if you are forced to try to evict them, and how much money and time will THAT take. Right now, you have NO app from them, and you know NOTHING about them, so it could be difficult to evict them. What if they actually DO leave in 30 days, leaving you thousands of $ in damages? You can't chase them overseas for the money owed you. Once rented, are they going to let you come in to do your light renovations ? Are they going to want a reduced amount of rent because the unit needed some "work", or because the ARE allowing you to bother them on a regular basis? There are just to many "IFs" in this situation, that you may not be able to take on. DON'T DO IT !

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