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village demand for information - Landlord Forum thread 358715

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village demand for information by Edwina on November 4, 2018 @10:43

I have a tenant that signed a lease in January of this year for 12 months. I recently received a letter from the village that the tenancy is located in requesting information about my tenant. Things being requested include age, citizenship status, all occupants, any pets, and all vehicles at the address. My question is, what information can I provide without my tenant's direct consent? I do not have a copy of the ordinance referenced by the village (6-318) and nor can I find it online anywhere.
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Re: village demand for information by Garry on November 4, 2018 @12:09 [ Reply ]
First, are you and/or the "village" located in the US ? The word "village" is not commonly used in the US to describe a town or city, or even an area within one. Could you please be more specific as to where you are located---state/city, and if this "village" is a group of apartments, condos, mobile homes, etc.

As far as providing info goes, don't provide any until you have a copy of the ordinance, and have run it by a lawyer, to be sure it's legit. If it is, only provide info that your lawyer says you can.
Re: village demand for information by Ed on November 5, 2018 @11:16 [ Reply ]
In New Jersey they ask for the names of the tenants only as part of the certificate of occupancy process. I'd call a lawyer and ask if you need to comply.

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