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How much to charge for dog rent - Landlord Forum thread 358756

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How much to charge for dog rent by Jannie1 on November 21, 2018 @18:07

It appears like my additional dog situation is still going on -- It is a black lab puppy about 3 months old - so now there are 3 dogs not 2. When the tenant 1st moved in there were the 2 small dogs - so charge SD as normal plus 1/2 the SD for any dog damage (soiled carpet, chewed, etc.)
When I came over a month ago I did notice definate dog odor - now realize it was probably because of the puppy - not visible at the time I came over.

I hate to address this too strongly in the middle of winter as I don't want an empty house. Maybe I'm just "venting" don't know whether to add a pet rent charge or just raise the went $25.00 the first of the year since it's been years since I raised it.
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Re: How much to charge for dog rent by June on November 23, 2018 @10:50 [ Reply ]
I charge $50.00 PER MONTH, EACH pet EACH MONTH for 1 small adult dog. 2 small adult pets is $100.00 extra each month as pet rent. T signs off that they are responsible for EACH AND ANY dog cleaning or damages UPON DISCOVERY. Municipal Codes here only allow 2 pets PERIOD! Any pet lease violation as to pets is $100.00 each occurrence, at the time of discovery. You need to get in there with a black light and find all PP etc. damages/filth, and have them sign off on such an AMMENDMENT. 2 PET LIMIT. NO KENNEL or PUPPY MILL ALLOWED. That is a big dog! It seems they have no respect for you or your rules because you do not enforce anything and fear them.
Re: How much to charge for dog rent by Mildred on May 24, 2019 @07:54 [ Reply ]
Exactly, there has to be a limit to the pets you are entertaining or else the tenants will be free to do anything and destroy your property which won't matter to them as it is yours not theirs.

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