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Can I require someone who's moving from ROACHES - Landlord Forum thread 358772

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Can I require someone who's moving from ROACHES by shannon on November 28, 2018 @14:57

I have a potential tenant who is moving from an apartment that has a ROACH infestation...What should I do? My partner is asking if I can deny a rental to them, I on the other hand feel for them as their current landlord has allowed this issue to continue from one of their other tenants and this tenant wants out and to move to our place. I understand my partners reservations as eggs can EASILY transfer. I would like to rent to them, but what can I require of them, I'm nervous about them bringing eggs or roaches or both. The only thing that I do have in my lease is that the tenant agrees maintain a clean environment to maintain the health and/or safety of an ordinary tenant; as to not allow for any pest infestations or issue, including but not limited to: Fleas, Ants, Bedbugs, Rodents, Cockroaches. But that's it. Any advice as to what I should say to them? I feel like I should say something?

Thanks in advance for reading :-)
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Re: Can I require someone who's moving from ROACHES by Susan on November 28, 2018 @17:39 [ Reply ]
The LPA Lease requires tenants to be responsible for exterminating and pest removal.

But I'd base my decision on if they are the BEST applicants I can come up with.
Re: Can I require someone who's moving from ROACHES by Garry on November 28, 2018 @17:46 [ Reply ]
I agree. You should say something. You should say : "NO, YOU CANNOT MOVE INTO MY RENTAL ! " If you do not have any roaches now, I GUARANTEE you WILL have them once they move in. Then it becomes YOUR problem, because you knew about the possibility of roaches before they moved in, and let them move in anyway. If you do rent to them, collect a double deposit from them (if your state allows it), and get at least $50 more per month from them in rent, which will go towards paying an exterminator to get rid of them in the future.

If you have other apartments in the same building, be prepared for other tenants to start complaining about roaches, and then you will have to fumigate the whole building, at your expense, or run the risk of your other tenants moving.(and STILL have to get rid of the roaches before you can rerent the apartments again)
Re: Can I require someone who's moving from ROACHES by James77 on November 28, 2018 @18:33 [ Reply ]
I hope they understand that what they are coming from would be alarming to any landlord.

I would first get a quote to preemptively treat your house for bugs. You could even easily do it yourself with gel bait and roach traps. You could nip a new infestation quite easily if they are traveling in on a new tenant.

But say the treatment is $300. Charge them that to move in, and also collect several hundred more as security for bug treatment should building be infested after. If there are no signs of bugs in X amount of months, then the security is refunded to them. I am not sure how legal that is in your area. I would speak to an attorney. But it seems rational to me, especially if they are stating that they are coming from roach infested house.

While you should be nervous, treating roaches in my experience is not all that hard. My rental house was infested twice. Treating them immediately and aggressively, they lasted only weeks. But it sure is a caution to prepare for if you let them move in.
Re: Can I require someone who's moving from ROACHES by June on November 29, 2018 @14:05 [ Reply ]
If you take them you are asking for huge problem!!!!! They will transfer their roaches to your entire building and to ALL YOUR TENANTS. They may also have BED BUGS! My telephone interview asks if they have ANY VERMIN OF ANY KIND WHERE THEY CURRENTLY RESIDE. If they do, GOOD BY! My LEASE stipulates that any infestation of ANY VERMIN OF ANY KIND will immediately be invoiced to the T's as UNPAID RENT DUE IMMED. and that they are responsible for any and all damages resulting out of their vermin (like lost rent, etc)and loss of other T's due to infestation of vermin. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FOR WHEN YOU ARE EVEN CONSIDERING SUCH INFESTED T's
Re: Can I require someone who's moving from ROACHES by Daniel (CA) on December 15, 2018 @01:50 [ Reply ]
don't be a moron, screening your applicants has a purpose, and you found a red flag. Listen to your partner, let them be someone elses problem
Re: Can I require someone who's moving from ROACHES by Mark on May 4, 2019 @01:24 [ Reply ]
In my opinion, if you do feel to help that tenant then I would advice you to go with the pest control service in your apartment. This will give you the assurity that you will not be dealing with any pest infestation in your home. For this, either you can take the help of the Pest Control Connecticut or some other professionals for some better advice.

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