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Re: Do you trust your gut feeling? - Landlord Forum thread 358792

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Re: Do you trust your gut feeling? by LAMAC66 on December 3, 2018 @07:55

I read it too. I follow the general guidelines in addition to following my gut as my gut feeling has been wrong on occasion.

For example if you are showing a property and your gut tells you this is not a good fit, not a good idea to not give out an application.

More than likely something in the application process will disqualify them. Just give them the application and go from there.

I have been in the business a relatively short time, 11y years, and have learned a lot through various seminars, books, blogs, and personal experience.

When I rented out my first place, I approved the first person that qualified although there was a better qualified person who's application i reviewed right after the first person.

Low and behold that first person I approved I regret to this day that I did. Why did I approve them? Because most "experts" say approving the first qualified will help you avoid a discrimination lawsuit.

I don't do that ANYMORE. I choose the BEST qualified. That is why you have to have your qualifying criteria in writing and on display everychance you get.

I let it be known on the application, advertising, and website. I let it be know that I take the BEST qualified vs. the 1st qualified and to factor that into YOUR decision to apply.

Thats my .02 cents.
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Re: Do you trust your gut feeling? by on December 4, 2018 @21:10 [ Reply ]
Totally agree 2 cents, except I don't tell anyone anything, nor do I explain or answer questions. I also don't discriminate based upon the obvious discrimination issues in society today.
Here's a non-scientific rule to follow. Only rent to people you would loan your car to or have over for dinner, and then for Christs sake don't ever ask them over for dinner or loan them your car - no exceptions.
    Re: Do you trust your gut feeling? by LAMAC66 on December 6, 2018 @11:03 [ Reply ]
    except I don't tell anyone anything, nor do I explain or answer questions....i dont know what that comment is in reference too exactly, but if someone files a fair housing complaint against you best believe you'll have to explain yourself and your criteria to HUD investigators.

    I really think your rationale about renting to someone you would only let use your car or have over for dinner, ok good luck with that one if you are in a situation having to explain why decided not to rent to someone who is otherwise qualified.

    But hey everyone does things there own way. Good luck.

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